Haide Technologies develop new technology and products to support the advancement of other technologies and systems for Industry and the wider Engineering and Scientific communities.
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Haide Technologies Ltd

Haide Technologies is a Research and Development Company that specialises in Developing Novel Solutions to Industry Challenges.

We are a product design, value engineering and development company with experience in designing and patenting new technologies with commercial benefits to Industry and the scientific community. At Haide Technologies, we promote non-conventional, out of the box thinking to deliver new and novel technologies and products to Industry. We engage internally and externally with innovative and intuitive thinkers, collaborating across multiple disciplines including mechanical, Electrical, Electronics & Software engineering. We simplify the complicated to produce commercially viable technology with tangible benefits in performance, safety and cost.

Our Sectors

Haide Technologies offers solutions and inventions to a number of sectors, those sectors include; Rail, Highways, Civil Engineering & Construction, Telecommunications, Information Technology Power generation & Distribution. We are heavily focused on the development of Sustainable and decarbonising solutions to support our collective goal of creating a greener world for our future generations.


Haide Technologies supplies Innovative solutions to the Rail Industry and its Principle contractors. We develop and deploy technology to increase reliability, maintainability and to align with Decarbonisation strategies and Network Rails various Challenge Statements.


Haide Technologies works with specialist partners within the Highways sector to improve the resilience and reliability of the technology used within the Highways Industry.

Buildings & Construction

Haide Technologies also provides solutions to the Construction and Civil Engineering industries by supplying sustainable products and novel innovative solutions.

Power Transmission & Distribution

The rapidly evolving Power Generation & Distribution network is presenting many industry challenges in its growth. Haide Technologies are working on novel solutions to support strategies for decarbonized urban cities of the future.

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